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The Equine Practice, Inc is a corporation with many ideas and all of them are about horses.  They are also from the mind and efforts of Geoff Tucker, DVM.

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Since The Days Of The Romans

My Journey Of Discovering A Life With Horses

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Equine Dentistry – the heart of The Equine Practice.  Horsemanship based since 1983 and over 51,400 floats as of January 2014.  Click the left button to learn more or click the top button to make an appointment.

The Equine Dentistry School Online – This is a site for two things. First is the preservation of Horsemanship Based Equine Dentistry™. Second is the opportunity for anyone in the world to learn how to care for horse teeth through the traditional husbandry approach. Available to non-veterinarians where allowed AND for veterinarians wanting to embrace a horsemanship approach to equine dentistry.

Horse’s Advocate – a membership site to learn everything about horses.  Filled with over 2600 pictures plus videos, lectures, and articles I have written.  Soon to be called “Horse Shouting!”

The Store – Order SUCCEED® here.  Also, look to the right to find my books and the 2014 calendar.

Travels With Doc T – a series of blogs about my travels about the country.

True And Incredible Stories Of A Horse Vet – a bunch of stories.  You can purchase a compilation of stories to the right.

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