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The Mission Statement of The Equine Practice, Inc
The Equine Practice, Inc represents horsemanship in all aspects of working with horses. We believe that horses are independent living beings with thoughts and feelings, wants, needs, and desires. In a world where humans and horses lead inextricable lives, meaningful relationships are made through leadership, trust, and respect.

Everything done at The Equine Practice, Inc, including casual and professional interactions, is always done by building a positive relationship through leadership.

If you want to be part of our movement of using horsemanship in everything you do with horses by learning leadership skills and common sense husbandry of horses, then consider joining our Horsemanship Is Leadership™ movement.

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If you have an emergency, call your regular veterinarian.
We do not carry our phones while working. However, many days we check messages as we travel between barns.

If you need a call back right away then say so and we will return the call as soon as we hear it, but it may be hours.

To contact another equine dentist in your area who is a graduate of The Tucker Technique Of Equine Dentistry™, visit the “Who does Equine Dentistry” page.

Dentistry appointment or question with Dr Tucker or Melissa Buday:

BP_MelissaSince 1983, Dr Geoff Tucker has been working on horse teeth – before it became popular for veterinarians to even look inside the mouth of a horse. He has developed the style of horsemanship based equine dentistry that he calls Equine Dentistry Without Drama™.

Learn more and download a free booklet about The Tucker Technique Of Equine Dentistry™.

Find other equine dentists trained in The Tucker Technique Of Equine Dentistry™.

"The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship"Stay tuned for this new way, an very uncomplicated way, of working with horses. This will be life changing for many horse owners who struggle to make the elusive connection they see others make with horses.

It will also be life changing for the professional who may be losing his or her confidence around horses or just may be struggling with the question of why they work with horses.

Learn the principles of working with horses that keep you safe and build the trusting relationship you want between you and every horse you come in contact with. Based on Dr Tucker’s book, “The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship” and the extensive library of thousands of articles, photos, and videos. It is a dynamic encyclopedia of information plus a lot more!

If you haven’t yet, get my book, “The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship” and read it several times. It has everything you need to connect with any horse within 30 seconds of meeting it. I use it every day.

I’ll be back here over the next few months to add and expand here. Sign up for my news letter at the bottom of this page to stay tuned with announcements.

Thanks, Doc T ~ January, 2015

Join the Horse’s Advocate™ – Learn More, Save More(Clicking this will take you to a new tab and a new web site)
The School Of The Tucker Technique Of Equine Dentistry™ is a comprehensive course that will educate you in all aspects of equine dentistry. Everything is based on Dr Tucker’s experience of over 60,000 horses floated since 1983.

This school is different than any other school out there because it is based on real world experiences by a veterinarian trained in clearing away the clutter and focusing on what works for the horse, the horse owner, and the dentist.

The school is divided into several parts:

  1. The Short Course – perfect for those who want to find out about how the school is conducted and want to learn just a little bit about equine dentistry.
  2. The Basics (part one) – Gets you comfortable with the language of equine dentistry.
  3. The Basics (part two) – Completes the terminology and discusses the principles of equine dentistry.
  4. Horsemanship and Equine Dentistry – How to work with unmedicated horses to apply the techniques of equine dentistry.
  5. The Techniques Of Equine Dentistry – The actual application of dentistry to the horse.
  6. Practical Experience – Applying all that is learned in the previous parts with an instructor coaching you as you work.
  7. Certification – Become part of the team of horsemanship based equine dentists.
  8. Support – receive continued support for your growth in equine dentistry.
  9. The Association Of Horsemanship Based Equine Dentists – A group to support all of you who become graduates of The School Of The Tucker Technique Of Equine Dentistry™

The advantages of this school:

  • Parts 1 through 5 above are all on the internet allowing people from anywhere in the world to learn without traveling far or leaving their obligations to family or jobs.
  • Part 6 is real time experience with an instructor either in Florida or where you live (limited – call for details). This can be individual OR as a group.
  • Parts 7, 8, and 9 are all about you becoming successful as an equine dentist and promoting this style of equine dentistry to the horse owners of the world.
  • The parts can be purchased separately allowing you to space out the money you need to spend.
  • The parts can be bundled and purchased for saving money.
  • You set the pace. There is no time requirement to complete the course.
  • There are quizzes with each unit and a final exam. Advancing on to the next unit requires a passing score on the quiz. Once the unit is unlocked, it is there for life to review.
  • There is an extensive library, booth public and private for students only. Within the library are thousands of captioned photographs, white board presentations, webinars, and videos. The dentistry videos are composed of a helmet cam view with real time narration plus a stall side vies with an overview narration. This give you an experience as if you are right there with us. People on the other side of the planet can be right there with us through an internet connection.
  • In the near future this school will be offered as a book with DVD’s for those not having access to the computer.

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“Since The Days Of The Romans – My discovery of a life with horses”

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“True And Incredible Stories Of A Horse Vet”

True And Incredible Stories Of A Horse Vet

“The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship”

"The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship"
Geoff Tucker, DVMThe blog of Geoff Tucker, DVM. He writes about his daily exercise in traveling from farm to farm tending to horses throughout the United States. These are his musings.

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