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  • Equine Dentistry Without Drama™
  • When horsemanship counts and results matter™
  • Now available everywhere in the U.S. with attractive pricing.
  • No automatically drugging
  • No metal speculum used
  • No suspending the head
  • No power equipment
  • Just our hands and horsemanship™
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  • Teaching the technique of Equine Dentistry Without Drama™
  • Online coursework with live practical training.
  • Instructors with over 70,000 floats performed
  • Make a career with horses and earn a great income.
  • Learn proper technique of hand floating without drugging the horse.
  • Learn how to connect with a horse in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes.
  • Become the solution to the problem.
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  • Did your horse come with a manual? Mine didn’t!
  • Become the advocate for your horse, because they are counting on you.
  • Horse health topics
  • Barn construction and ideas
  • 345 + topics and 6000 + images
  • 100’s of videos & articles
  • Private Facebook group and webinars
  • Helping Horses Live In A Human World™
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  • Lowest price on dropped shipped cases of SUCCEED® digestive supplement
  • “Since The Days Of The Romans” – an autobiography of overcoming obstacles to become a veterinarian
  • “The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship” – a small book with a huge impact for you and your horse.
  • “True And Incredible Stories Of A Horse Vet” – real stories from the life of an equine veterinarian