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The Equine Practice Rounds Fall 2018

  • In this issue:
    Page 2 – The Story of David
    Page 3 – BarnPics and testimonials
    Page 4 – Sudoku

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  1. Thanks for sharing, you made me cry 🙂 I think you were very fortunate to experience all this, I’m sure it made you happy but more importantly, on a deeper level, gave you a sense of meaningfulness which is fulfilling and have a longer-term effect

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  2. I may have a shout out to the diet. My farrier today mentioned that of all the horses he trims this time of year, mine are the only ones he has to trim sole on. I think it’s the diet. He doesn’t have any idea on this.

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      Thanks for sharing this. Please tell your farrier why so he can enlighten his clients and help their horses. It is cool when the farrier, without the knowledge of what you are doing (no grain plus protein), sees the positive results in the hooves. Nice independent opinion.

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