Horsemanship Dentistry

The Equine Practice, Inc. is the official home of Horsemanship Dentistry™

The Mission of Horsemanship Dentistry

Horsemanship Dentistry uses horsemanship skills and techniques developed by a Cornell-educated veterinarian in 1983. Mastered at The Horsemanship Dentistry School and through tens of thousands of horses, these certified equine dentists provide the best dentistry experience for all horses and their owners, building lasting relationships through practical skills, trust, and integrity.

Brief Description

Horsemanship Dentistry is connecting with the horse and getting feedback from a willing partner. Of course, working on a sedated horse is easier for the person, but the information we receive from un-sedated horses tells us so much more than just looking inside their mouths with a flashlight. This makes Horsemanship Dentistry more than just “equine dentistry,” more than just “2 floats and a bucket,” more than unproven theories experimentally applied to your horse, and more than a mechanical process.

Horsemanship Dentistry is …

  • Connection – the reason we all live and breathe horses every day of our lives.
  • Respect – to owners and managers with accurate appointment times.
  • Education – of all horse owners about dentistry and other horse husbandry information, like nutrition.
  • Automatic – a connection that deepens as we work with the horse.
  • Thorough – addressing every edge of every tooth, including the last cheek teeth.
  • Effective – removing all sources of pain from within the mouth, allowing unrestricted jaw and tongue movement for optimum oral health.
  • Experienced – applying working theories based on almost 80,000 horses floated since 1983.
  • Trusted – the backing of a veterinarian trained at Cornell University’s Veterinary School.