Equine Dentistry Without Drama™

  • Dentistry for your horse using Dr Tucker’s Horsemanship Dentistry™
  • Geoff Tucker, DVM- founder and instructor of Horsemanship Dentistry™
  • Melissa Buday – instructor of Horsemanship Dentistry™
  • Hand floating and 92% without giving drugs
  • No mouth jack or other immobilization
  • Combined about 65,000 horses floated this way since 1983
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The Horsemanship Dentistry School™

  • Learn the Tucker Technique of Horsemanship Dentistry™.
  • All the coursework is online and can be learned anywhere in the world at your own pace.
  • Come to Florida to receive hands on training from the instructors who use these skills every day in practice.
  • Go further and become certified in Horsemanship Dentistry™ for all the added benefits.
  • Perfect for starting a new career with horses.
  • Perfect for expanding a current career (vets and equine dentists).
  • Perfect for owners with large herds, non-profit rescues or therapy centers, or working in areas where there are no drugs or electricity.

The Horse’s Advocate™

  • Learn all the essentials of owning a horse so you don’t make the same mistakes I have made.
  • A FREE membership site.
  • Topics include: Barns and Farm, Behavior, Dentistry, Disease and Medicine, Horsemanship, Husbandry, Lameness, OB-Gyn, Surgery.
  • Thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos and articles.
  • The recorded HorseTalk™ webcasts that I do live once a month.
  • All my HorseSense™ white board presentations, the no-grain challenge, published articles and recordings, and BarnPics™.
  • Basically an encyclopedia for every horse owner on the planet – all on line!

Books, blogs, newsletters, SUCCEED®

  • “The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship” – all you need to know to connect with any horse, anytime.
  • “Since The Days Of The Romans – My journey of discovering a life with horses” – my autobiography of overcoming dyslexia.
  • “True And Incredible Stories Of A Horse Vet” – a book of things that have happened on farms as a practicing horse vet.
  • Travels With Doc T™ – my blog of rants from the road as I travel across the country to horse farms.
  • The Equine Practice Rounds – the official newsletter of the practice.
  • Purchase SUCCEED® by the case , drop shipped to your door from the factory, at the BEST price.