Frequently Asked Questions About Horsemanship Dentistry™

Horsemanship Dentistry™ is all about truth, trust, and knowledge ~ with the horses and the people in their lives.

As horse dentistry becomes more popular, it also becomes more confusing.  With so much information available, how do you know what is true?

  • Hand floating versus motorized instruments
  • Horsemanship versus automatic medication
  • Feeling the teeth versus looking at them
  • To even float the teeth versus not worrying about the teeth at all

Let these 29 video answers to frequently asked questions help.

Horsemanship Dentistry™ is integrity – teaching what we know to be truths based on tens of thousands of horses (as of 2023, 80,000 horses floated over 40 years).

General Questions About Horse Dentistry

Specific Questions about Horsemanship Dentistry™

Questions About Modern Dentistry And Theories