Expectations Between The Client And The Vet

A Relationship Between You And Your Vet

What does this have to do with equine dentistry? It pertains to dentists, vets, farriers, and the feed delivery guy. Why? Because we can’t live without you, and you can’t live without us. We are partners. It is time to respect each other and watch the great things that can happen.

Remember, you can only change yourself. If the vet arrives on your farm grumpy, so what? He’ll be gone soon.

“Buddha And The Jerk”

Remember Buddha, the guy sitting cross-legged way up atop the mountain? Once, a bad-mouthed jerk of a guy heard about him and thought he could mess up his day. So he climbed the mountain.

“Hey Buddha, you got a minute?” Then he laced into him with all the insults he could think of. After a while, Buddha said, “May I ask you a question? If you offer me a gift and I refuse it, who then does that gift belong to?”

The man said, “It would be mine!”

Buddha replied, “So if you offer me insults and I don’t accept them, who do they belong to?”