Sedation Equine Dentistry

Drugs Are Being Used Today To Replace Horsemanship

In modern equine dentistry, many terms from human dentistry are now being used in the horse field, and sedation dentistry is one of them. Its use in equine dentistry primarily depends on your fears of the human dentist based on prior experiences.

Drugs Given By A Non-Veterinarian Is Not Logical And Illegal

The method of sedation equine dentistry applies the use of sedation to every horse. However, its use is for the operator’s benefit only because the popular drug (detomidine) has poor pain relieving characteristics inside the mouth of the horse. The best pain-relieving medication (butorphenol) is a controlled substance and can only be used by a vet. Non-veterinary equine dentists are breaking the law if they carry and administer any drug labeled “use by or on the order of a veterinarian.” They violate federal law if they possess a controlled substance. For a vet to be involved, there must be a valid Patient-Client-Veterinarian relationship described in law.

In my practice, over the past decade, the need to use drugs in a horse is about 3 in 100 horses (3%).