Fusaichi Pegasus

Next weekend is the Belmont Stakes, the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown for Thoroughbreds in the United States. Put aside any ill feeling about race horses for a moment. I agree with most of you but on the other hand, I started in the TB business. I still float a few race horses but the industry is nothing like it was in the 70’s when I got my start. In fact, I started in 1973, the year Secretariat won the Triple Crown. In 2000, Fusaichi Pegasus was the winner of the Kentucky Derby. I was his dentist when he raced in NY. I have a great story about our short time together – just ask me about it when I see you.

Today I worked on one of his grandsons (he is in the top picture). There were a lot of FuPeg’s personality in this boy – bold, confident, intelligent, and one whose respect you had to earn. These are all parts of a champion.

I also spent some time at Morgan’s chicken farm where Melissa worked on her mini horse. While she worked I followed the rooster and hens as well as a new chick. Here are some of the shots. Morgan's chicken ranch Morgan's chicken ranchMorgan's chicken ranch

The Equine Practice Inc

Morgan’s chicken ranch

This weekend will all be time spent on the new dentistry school. Remember to tell everyone you know who are looking for a new career in horses to send me an e-mail. Where they live doesn’t matter (unless their laws restrict them from becoming an equine dentist) because the school will be online. Have a great weekend. See you all next week! Doc T

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