Sometimes I need to just write about nothing. No dentistry articles, gut digestion things, husbandry ideas or thoughts about our profession. According to a book I’m reading called “Mastery” by Robert Greene, all people who want to be great thinkers need to stop every once in a while and go walk the dog. Or play the violin or squeeze a rubber ball or just do anything except what I should do. But I’m at 37,000 feet over the western mountains in a plane full of people and I left all those things at home The book “Mastery” is very good and I’d recommend it along with Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” if you want to know the secret of doing well at anything you are attempting to do. My wife had found it and I really didn’t want to listen to it until I saw the actor, Fred Sanders, who read it on Audible. He and I went to high school together along with his brother Jay O Sanders, also a reader as well as a TV and movie actor. You all have seen him at least once as he has been in an assortment of things. I ran into Jay at Newark airport in New Jersey a few years back. We were alone at the baggage claim and I went up to say hi. He didn’t remember me and snubbed me like a groupie until I said some facts he couldn’t ignore like playing football together and singing in choir and concert choir together.

Anyway, it is because of Fred reading this book that I discovered why my life has proceeded through stages in my 34 years of floating teeth. It will also help you understand why you have not achieved mastery in what you are doing – or worse – suffering through a painful or frustrating life.

Some other books you might want to read are:

• Mo Gawdat’s “Solve For Happy” – an excellent look at the subject.
• Dave Asprey’s “Head Strong” – discover how bacteria and mitochondria run our lives.
• Steven Gundry MD’s “The Plant Paradox” – how plants are trying to kill us.
• Mark Sisson’s “The Keto Reset Diet” – the alternative fuel for our bodies.
• Tom Brady’s “The TB12 Method” – pliability leading to less soft tissue breakdown.
• Tony Robbin’s “Unshakable” – the truth about retirement financing.

All of these books will help answer some questions all horse owners have about helping them and themselves become healthier and more alive.

I will throw in some BarnPics™ from this year. Photography is my outlet appeasing my creative side with just enough science to keep it interesting. Have a great holiday season!

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