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Since The Days Of The Romans

My Journey Of Discovering A Life With Horses

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>>> “Geoff I finished the book, you knocked it out of the park!!!!!! Now I am ready for volume 2 so can you get right on that!!!!!!!!”

>>> “Geoff, I picked up my copy of your book from my mailbox yesterday morning and brought it to work. I started reading at about 1:00 and was finished reading the book at home at 10:00 p.m last night.I could not put it down. It is wonderfully and masterfully written. Your humbleness, wisdom and grace pours across the pages. Congratulations on pursuing your path in Life.”

>>> “One of the best books I have ever read.”

>>> “Wow!!”

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No one understands what it’s like to fail so much. That success is the only option left.

As a young boy, Geoff Tucker struggled with an undiagnosed learning disability. School was difficult and no matter how hard he tried, his grades never improved. As the son of a Manhattan corporate lawyer and the great grandnephew of a president of an Ivy League school, expectations were high but Geoff just couldn’t succeed no matter how much he tried. After being turned down by numerous colleges, Geoff struck out to find his place in the world and that place turned out to be with horses.

Much has been written about the close connection and healing power that exists between humans and animals, but Geoff Tucker lived that experience. He slowly convinced himself that he could make a difference in the lives of people and horses by becoming a veterinarian, and along the way the events he experienced changed his life forever.

Since the Days of the Romans chronicles Geoff’s journey from failed student to graduate of one of the most prestigious veterinary programs in the country. He is now a leading expert in his field and travels the country treating all kinds of horses from Kentucky Derby winners and international show horses to beloved family companions.

Geoff’s story is proof that no matter what the obstacles, belief in yourself is the most important factor in creating the life you really want.

About the Author
Geoff Tucker graduated from Cornell University and has spent more than three decades in his own practice. He now teaches and lectures on new techniques and areas of specialty and shares stories from the road on his blog. Geoff now lives in Florida with his wife Kathy.