The Equine Practice Inc, Geoff Tucker DVM, The Equine Practice Rounds

The Equine Practice Rounds™ Vol 1 Issue 2

April 2016 Contents:

  • 3 Hour Rule – A scary story to help get motivated for spring cleaning
  • Reading The Horse
  • BarnPics™
  • Horse Teeth And The Tongue – A Dynamic Interaction
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  1. On “Reading the horse”: “Seek first to understand…. then to be understood”. Words of pure gold! Horses have so much to teach us about life. To understand and be understood applies to all aspects of life – horse, dogs, cats , people, the otherness of different cultures …… It is a great kindness and all living things deserve this. To be sure, it takes time and effort but it is so worth it — it makes for a better person and a better horse. A truly great philosophy. Thank you Doc T!

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Your thoughts are important for all to hear and may help others to learn from your experiences. Take the time to add to the discussion. However due to time limitations I will probably not answer direct questions to me. Thanks, Doc T

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