The Equine Practice Rounds™ Vol 2 Issue 2

  • In this issue:
    Page 1 – EOTRH of the Front Teeth of Horses
    Page 2 – Plants Don’t Want To Be Eaten
    Page 3 – BarnPics
    Page 4 – What About The Back Teeth? and Sudoku

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Comments 2

  1. Hey Doc! Very nicely done once again.Some time ago I watched a video presentation on wellness(referring to eating) and it was pointed out
    that the enzymes in foods are destroyed at 107 degrees F.I do not know if this is factually correct or not.This got me to thinking.Are the lectin proteins affected in any way
    by heat?I´m thinking that they are not based on your example about the corn flakes.However just call me curious.

    1. Post

      Lectins are destroyed by heat, pressure and fermentation. Pressure cooking beans is how Mexicans can eat beans without suffering the consequences of lectins. My wife just bought one! Fermenting white wheat with sourdough starter mis kills most of the lectins making real sourdough bread acceptable bread for most people. But if you are on a carb restricted diet, breads are out. But that is a different story.

      Remember though that cooking meat that has been fed grains will not remove the lectins. Eat only grass raised and finished meats including fish (almost all shrimp are now farm raised on grains).

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