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18,000 Mile Review

In every relationship there is always something you can complain about with your partner, spouse, sibling, parent or any other person in every relationship. When talking about a candidate for an election, I create a column and top it with a description. For example: national security, national debt, taxes, equality, gun control, birthing rights and so on. You can make as many columns as you want.

The same can be said for this car. Comfort, safety, automation, cool factor and more. Some can be divided such as technology: cruise control, auto steer, auto park, blue tooth connection, etc.

Then for every column you create a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent.

The trick math comes in here when we assign a weight to each column topic. For example you may feel safety is a 10 while comfort may only be an 8 on a scale of importance to you. This scale of importance is very personal and is important to assign to a candidate or to a potential spouse.

How important really is the direction the toilet paper is rolled - TO YOU.

This is why it is so difficult to read someone’s opinion of the Tesla X and apply it to you. My absolute hatred of the bluetooth connection of my iPhone drives me to the point that I no longer have it connected. This feature may not be important to you.

The fact that the navigation is substantially inferior to my iPhone Maps has not precluded me from using the Tesla navigation to steer me to the nearest Supercharger. For that, it is much better.

While I personally do not rate a 10 in every one of my wife’s categories of me, she still prefers me over all others except Dwane Johnson (aka “The Rock”). While he still scores higher after the math is done, she adds another factor called probability.

Should I purchase a Tesla Model X?
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Goodyear blimp in FL through the Tesla X huge windshield with Melissa's reflection included.

After all of my calculations, I would say definitely. It’s not perfect. However I am renting an ICE car in a few days and I will be missing my Tesla very much. The traffic aware cruise control is what I will miss the most. Also missed will be heating my car remotely, acceleration, smoothness, quietness, safety and comfort. Auto steer can be missed on the interstate but nowhere else. Auto lane change is frustrating along with navigation. The radio streaming and Tunein is challenging to use. The phone connection is pitiful for a business. Let me explain that.

The BT connection keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I don’t believe it is a Tesla problem. I called Apple and was handed up to a senior technician who is now my liaison with Apple engineers. My 4th phone call with him is scheduled for tomorrow. They have uploaded diagnostic data from my iPhone X (yes I know, Tesla X and iPhone X) and using it to determine the cause. I think their interest was peeked when I said I have the same problem in rented cars. Talking to my GMC service rep, he says they are always asked about the BT - phone problems. GMC knows it is a phone problem so I hope my efforts will help solve this ridiculous issue.

But Tesla - you need to solve other things with BT and the phone.
1) I have way more contacts than you allow to upload into the car. I am a business and many more people have up to 10,000 contacts in their phone.
2) The radio / streaming / Tunein / and phone music/audiobook needs to remain OFF when I open the door or get anywhere near the car with my key.

Bottom Line

Get a Tesla X if you are in business. If you like ludicrous acceleration get the P version. Become used to traveling between Superchargers and then waiting to “fill up.” You will always have something to do during the down time. If you live in the car like I do - 18,000 miles in less than 90 days of driving - then it is worth the investment.

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