Doc T Goes Tesla

Reason #1

My conservative values think we should eliminate our dependance on foreign oil.

Reason #2

My common sense values think we should decrease sources of pollution.

Reason #3

My business sense thinks I need transportation that is less expensive than flights, car rentals, andhigh fuel and maintenane costs.

Order a Model S or X before July 15th

Purchase a Model S or X before July 15, 2018 and get unlimited free charging at any Tesla Super Charger for the life of your car ownership. Just use this code when ordering (copy and paste into your order form).

The ability to have free unlimited supercharging anywhere has been an incredible financial decision for my business. I travel at least 60,000 miles every year. Multiplied by 5 years gives a predicted lifetime mileage of 300,000 miles. Divide this by 18 miles per gallon = 16,667 gallons. Multiply this by $2.90 = $48,334 SAVED OVER 5 YEARS.

Do your own math then get this car today and use my code (I get stuff too!). You will not regret it.

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