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Tesla – One Day Away

Delivery day is tomorrow at 2pm. I don’t feel a thing maybe because I’m on my 13th full day on the road driving my GMC diesel pick up truck. My buttock is numb.

I left 1 day after hurricane Irma when the window shutters came down. I drove as far as Boston working on horses. I took a ferry across Long Island Sound seeing submarines being repaired and one across the Potomac River that pulls on a steel cable strung across it.

My milage log shows about 4400 miles driven this month and 12 nights in 11 different hotels. 339 miles per day on average and lots of farms and horses. But only 2 Tesla Model X’s seen with one of them with the warning flashers on the side of the interstate. Plus the one seen by my wife today at the super market.

I visited several superchargers (SC). All were empty but one that was empty on the way to the Hamptons but had an S model on the way back. There are not many Teslas here on the east coast.

I’m becoming less worried of the charging logistics as I found most of my calls centered around a nearby SC where I could fully energize at night and easily do my calls in less than 240 miles. This may become tight in colder weather.

I’m 40 miles from home. My very last diesel fill up at $77 dollars is over 100 miles behind me. Even though it takes 5 to 7 minutes to fill my tank and gain a 620 mile range, I reflect on the following:

I am no longer supporting foreign oil and all that encompasses.

I am reducing my carbon footprint and all that encompasses.

I am also making a good business decision based on my number crunching. I obtained 0.99% financing, I’m receiving a $7500 tax credit this year, I received a $1000 discount from a promotion, I received a $5500 dealer discount which I am very grateful for, I no longer have fuel expenses (free SC), It’s a tax write off, it’s the safest car on the road, it’s quiet, it’s powerful, I’m saving on flights, I’m saving on car rentals and gas and most importantly, I am not flying over work or bound by a rigid schedule.

Pictures coming. Wait – I think I’m starting to feel something….

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